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About Us

The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL, published by D.E.i. - Media, LLC, is a news and lifestyle publication chronicling the lives of Gay The Alpha Male Journal cover imageAmericans―albeit ostensibly from a male point-of-view.  The Publisher and editors are resolute in making The JOURNAL a valued and indispensable addition to the Gay media genre. The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL focuses on 'gay people of all colors': their worldviews; their concerns, values and beliefs; their collective and individual perspectives. The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL’s insightful coverage of the Gay American communities highlights the diversity of our lifestyles; our political, spiritual and social ideologies; and our varied outlooks on love, relationships and sexuality as we navigate our human-nature toward enlightenment and self-actualization.


The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL's Mission & Vision...

Determined to be a preeminent informational exposition for and about Gay Americans, The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL offers a window into the heart, mind and soul of the “riddle, wrapped in mystery, inside an enigma, surrounded by doubt” that may arguably characterize the Gay dynamic. The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL presents an unabashed celebration of the lives, experiences and attitudes of Gay Americans; it is about who we are, what we think, what we value, and how we advance our lives. Our commitment is to provide our readers with editorial content that is informative, enlightening, provocative and entertaining―not shying away from the controversial. Self-actualization epitomizes the Alpha Male aspiration; The JOURNAL chronicles the lives lived, challenges met, and obstacles overcome in its pursuance―fostering the empowerment, leadership, and dedication that manifests positive impacts within our society, our loved ones, ourselves.


The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL's Editorial Philosophy...

Delivering what our readers want, the primary editorial philosophy of The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL promotes political and economic empowerment coupled with spiritual and social consciousness-raising. Secondarily, the magazine delivers cutting-edge news coverage, commentary and lifestyle content that affect our readers and our society. Our emphasis is on our humanity, our shared principles and values, our ingenuous interests and concerns, and our ingenious capacity for compassionate change.

Our editorial is straightforward, hard-hitting, investigative when necessary and always introspective and analytical. Not pandering to salacious or demagogic passions, our style is candid, balanced and often irreverent. We speak to an intelligent and savvy readership and, much like our audience, we are bold and sassy in presentation and in spirit.



Chronicling the lives of Gay Americans: Each issue of The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL provides news, lifestyle and informative features that address topical issues affecting and effecting gays and lesbians, and our socioeconomic and geopolitical interests. The JOURNAL's reportage provides introspective and analytical content that is sure to be stimulating, provocative and controversal.


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Contact Us...

     a D.E.i. - Media, LLC Publication
     Post Office Box 723475
     Atlanta, Georgia 31139-0475

Contact: Darrol C. De Andre, Publisher /Editor-In-Chief

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