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As an advertiser, you should be excited to know that you have access to thousands of savvy readers with great discretionary income and time, which equates to enormous buying power. The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL provides a perfect audience: affluent, educated, loyal, upwardly mobile; and our national monthly print distribution and online viewers deliver a distinct and qualified share of the “gay dream market” for advertisers that appreciate the significant buying power of the Gay American consumer niche, and market to their sensibilities.


The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL's Demography...

Our readers are college educated, civic-minded, spiritually-attuned, politically-astute, culturally-involved, and upwardly-mobile. Gay Americans represent an increasingly important and significantly influential segment of the U.S.U.S.A. Gay Men Consumer Profile population. Gay and lesbian consumers exceed $660 billion in buying power, and are dream targets for marketers because they are: affluent$85,400 is the average annual income for a gay household; educated83% of gays and lesbians have either attended or graduated from college; and loyal89% of gays and lesbians are brand-affiliated and are highly likely to seek out brands that advertise to them.


Cultural Diversity...

The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL appeals to a diverse audience of Gay Americans 'of all colors and ethnicities.' A principal target is the increasingly affluent and educated Gay Black/African-American readers, illuminating the richness and the diversity within their community's culture, their concerns and perspectives. Another key target demographic is the Gay Latino/Hispanic-American constituency, honoring their heritage, their traditions and the challenges they experience in acculturating their values and identity. The American mainstream is increasingly evolving due to its multi-racial and multi-ethnic dynamic that is effectually redefining "American" culture. The ALPHA MALE JOURNAL appreciates the value of diversity and inclusivity; the voices, ears and eyes of White Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans The Alpha Male Journal cover image and other ethnicities that comprise the Gay American community are critically desired and targeted constituencies for readership and editorial content.

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